Legion of the Crystal Skull

Legion of the Crystal Skull

Mug Club Legion of the Crystal Skull
As a discerning beer drinker and member of the Legion of the Crystal Skull, you are hereby granted the following exclusive privileges:

1. Your crystal skull mug will be hung with your name and used exclusively by you.
2. You will get 27 oz pour of beer for the price of 16 oz. pour. (Not applicable to the house specialties)
3. You will receive a complimentary polo shirt with the “Legion of the Crystal Skulls” logo. This is exclusive to Legion members only.
4. You will be granted use of the private lounge to be used by members only.
5. You may have the use of the private lounge for your own private party with advanced arrangements.
6. You will be invited to a yearly event for members only. (Events could be Super Bowl Sunday Potluck, BBQ in the afternoon, or Solstice bonfire evening)
7. You shall receive a 10% discount on souvenir merchandise from DVB and sister businesses.
8. Your name will be entered into the official Legion of the Crystal Skulls book.
9. You will be permitted to participate in the creation and naming of a seasonal beer.
10. You shall be privy to the Legion’s secret handshake.
11. You will be entitled to a free mug of beer on your birthday (with I.D. of course.)

Sold out of memberships as of December 20, 2015. Thanks to all 50 of our skull members.


Tel. (760) 852-4273