Our History

Our Logo was specially designed and painted oil on canvas by artist and brewer Jon Zellhoefer. The reds and yellows reflect the spectacular gift of stunning sunrises and sunsets here in Death Valley. The green hops and wheat stand for the basic ingredients in beer. At the bottom you see the blue of the water which is free-flowing on the property. Finally, we added a cow skull that we are dyin’ for a cold one! This work of art can be viewed in the tasting room.

History and Location

Death Valley Brewing, the only brewpub in Eastern Inyo County, is nestled in the downtown of historic mining town, Tecopa. Historically, the area was noted for being a “watering spot” for the Spanish settlers, Mormans, Borax mule teams, mules of the wagon train, explorer John Fremont, early miners, and even rumors of musician Jim Morrison.

As a brew pub, we are continuing the tradition of serving as a source of refreshment in the parched desert. Proprietor and brewer, Jon Zellhoefer, has restored an old railroad tie house and converted it into the current site of Death Valley Brewing (DVB), In the past it has been his father’s old medical library and the pay-masters office. Currently, it is the tasting room for our brews.

Now, we hearken back to the days when miners lived there and brewed their own beer with the same artesian water which flows daily from the natural springs. Using historic equipment, creative engineering, and common sense as well as many natural local resources, we can offer a unique and historic small-lot craft beers for your enjoyment.

We poured our first beer on October 31, 2014. Our tasting room features DVB house brews as well as guest taps. Since we are located at the gates of Death Valley, we don’t want to forget that our customers must travel a great distance, so we have home-made root beer if you prefer a non-alcoholic drink.

Unplug (remember no cell phone or internet is available), relax and travel back in time with a locally made craft cold beer.

You know you are dyin’ for a cold one!!


Tel. (760) 852-4273